Hi, I’m Krispin!


You define it.

I’ll design it.

Junior Quality Engineer

Junior Quality Engineer

King Living, Turrella


Four months into my current role, and I’ve had the opportunity to analyse tons of data (generating business intelligence), get hands-on with products, in the field (service calls), engage in engineering investigations, and drive quality improvements. While I’m still getting settled into the role (and learning the importance of balancing costs and technical constraints), I know that I’ve found my niche: quality and performance.

I still love learning how things work; recognizing the value in “new” tech like AI and machine learning, I’ve started a parallel learning/work development project – increasing the effectiveness of our quality team through ML. Stay posted for the outcome!

My website is currently undergoing some changes – between work and kids, this may take a while. Why not check out my LinkedIn you’re waiting?